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Portal der Lehrveranstaltungsevaluation der TU Dresden

Notices concerning this evaluation

Evaluation at your university

One objective of the course evaluations is for instructors to receive feedback from the students in order to continually improve their instruction. Another reason is that the results enable the TU Dresden to assess the teaching situation and to develop strategies for improving the teaching.
Contact person:
If you have any questions, criticism or problems, please contact the following staff member of the Centre for Quality Analysis:
Tung Nguyen Khanh
Tel. (0351) 463-33305
If you would like more information about the evaluation of our courses, please go to our website:

Information for students

As a participant in this course, you are entitled to fill in the questionnaire for the course evaluation. It only takes a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. This interview takes place voluntarily. Not completing the questionnaire has absolutely no consequences for you. Please take note, however, that each completed questionnaire provides an important feedback for the lecturer and helps to continually improve the quality of courses.
The survey takes place anonymously. If there are less than 10 completed questionnaires for a course, no analysis is carried out. The questionnaires are disposed of in accordance with data protection law. It cannot be ruled out that an individual person - through the combination of various details provided by the participants in the survey - could become determinable during the collection phase. However, our research interests are not concentrated on this. It is rather a matter of the overall result or results of specific groups of people. Arrangements are already made for processing the data so that a specific person cannot be identified. During the presentation of the results, diligent care will be taken to prevent identification. Likewise, disclosure to third parties can only take place after thorough anonymization.
Protection of Privacy:
This survey is part of socio-scientific research, for which processing data specific to the individual is permitted. The ZQA is scientifically independent. With a few exceptions (so-called filter questions), you decide yourself from question to question, if you wish to provide an answer. Please note, however, that we require certain information in the survey, for example socio-demographic attributes, for research purposes. The statutory and legal provisions, especially regarding data protection in research projects, will be adhered to in every case. Likewise, the instructions of the data-protection commission of the TU Dresden were adhered to.
The lecturer will receive the results by e-mail at the end of the evaluation. So you have the opportunity to talk about the results.

Information for lecturers

The selection of the courses to be evaluated is the responsibility of the study commission. It is ensured that all course types are adequately considered and each instructor will have a course evaluated at least every three years.
Validity of data:
The access to the questionnaire is protected. Students who received the acces from the lecturer, can complete the questionnaire.
During the evaluation period, which takes two to three weeks on average, the questionnaires are scanned and analyzed in the Center for Quality Analysis. Following this, you will receive the results per email.